I tried Lego Serious Play for the first time — here’s what happened

What’s, why’s, how’s and lessons learned

  • Create leaning in (all participants are highly engaged)
  • Unlock new knowledge (mostly because of the building component of it).
  • Break habitual thinking
  • Technical (focusing on the use of Lego bricks)
  • Use of metaphors (explaining the meaning of a Lego model through metaphors)
  • Storytelling
Explain this! Result
  1. Create a visual representation of the current state of your mind.
  2. Create a visual representation of a desired state of mind.
  3. Create a visual representation of a bridge between the current and the desired state of mind.
  • Running a Lego Serious Play workshop is time-consuming as it requires a considerable amount of preparation time; if you are like me, and has never done this before, be ready to invest up to a week of effort. Depending on the number of participants and the topic chosen, the workshop will take at least two hours (including the skills building phase and reflection phase)
  • The workshop facilitator is the most important player in this Serious Game, that’s why I encourage everybody to get certified if they have the chance. I will most certainly do so once the circumstances are more favorable. As an unexperienced facilitator, I can tell that things can easily run out of control and progress very fast in the wrong direction.
  • I cannot stress how important it is to start the workshop with a goal that is clear and useful to everyone. A vague goal will only lead to even more vague results…and you do not want that after spending hours getting ready for this moment.



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