What’s, why’s, how’s and lessons learned

More than a year ago I was looking up new ways I can spice up my work through introducing my colleagues to new ways of problem solving. Way too many brainstorming techniques and design thinking alternatives later, our paths have crossed on Google’s infinite pool of possibilities. …

This article has been originally published at: https://thefancysquare.wordpress.com/2020/07/03/what-inclusion-and-pancakes-have-in-common-three-observation-from-work-and-life/

There’s one pattern that I’ve observed — not only on social media, but also at the workplace — when it comes to the topic of inclusion: it takes something fundamentally bad to happen for the topic to receive, not the attention that…

What lessons did we learn by developing and implementing a process enhancement bot for allocating tasks across large teams? (GitHub link available)

Andreea-Ioana Mares

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